‘Hey Child’ is a triumphant progressive house anthem, complete with soaring melodies and dreamy synths. Full of infectious energy, ‘Hey Child’ is destined for clubs and EDM festivals.

Capturing producer Rewind’s dreams and aspirations, this single validates the dreamers and dancers. The chorus line hinges around a father’s words of encouragement to his aspirational child: “Hey child you got dreams worth fighting for”, a sentiment that caught Rewind’s attention.

An EDM artist and DJ from New Zealand, Rewind is already making waves in the EDM scene, gaining support from Brooks, MOTi and Arty on Instagram. Taking influence from Avicii, Zedd and Martin Garrix, Rewind creates high energy tracks of scintillating sounds and pulsating beats and has a huge line up of single releases due in early 2020. He has been featured on a Spotify editorial playlist and Rewind Radio.