Pat Reilly

Back with his new single ‘Act of Love’, Queer Pop Artist Pat Reilly, will send you into a musical daydream.

A singer, songwriter, actor, performer, and overall creative force, Pat Reilly is a true artist in every sense of the word. Fusing R&B with pop electronica, Reilly brings an authentic queer narrative to all of his work. His sound weaves weighty emotion through the lightness of pop with a distinctive sensitivity, sexuality, and softness.

Talking about his new single, Pat Reilly tells us “Prince of the Night’ is a release from all the pain I’ve been holding ing onto, that I wasn’t even conscious of prior because I could distract myself with work, people, strangers, and my ambition. It flows in and out of the healthy and unhealthy POV that a relationship with another, with myself, and with my environment can take.” 

Act of Love‘ is from his forthcoming EP, Prince of the Nightout on November 13th.

Follow Pat Reilly on Twitter @patttittty

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