US rnb singer R. Kelly has returned to the music scene with his latest album “Black Panties”. As one of R&B’s most recognizable players, R. Kelly has built a career on promiscuity. The singer has been busy lately, collaborating with a number of high-profile which includes his Lady Gaga collaboration “Do What U Want,” “PYD” with Justin Bieber and he featured on the G-Mix of Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla” (which also boasts Pharrell.

To promote his new album R. Kelly took to Twitter to interact with fans. He tweeted: “I want all my fans and everyone out there to know that this is REALLY me answering rkellzyour questions, so fire away #AskRKelly #BlackPanties“ and the social media PR stunt went down from there. Check out the tweets and tell us what you think of the singer.

“I got a cousins birthday coming up what are are 7 year old into now a days? #AskRKelly,” (natalie@BlahitshitsNataliee)

“@rkelly #askrkelly on a scale of one to rkelly how much do you enjoy peeing on people,” (schmollerz@schmollerz)

“How many school dances will you be attending this year? #AskRKelly,” (natalie@Blahitsnatalie)

“So @rkelly only answered 16 questions, the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly,” (Baba Drake@BatanaiTuwe)

“Half the black women in Chicago have a “@rkelly used to post up by my school & pick up teen girls* so let’s skip the excuses. #AskRKelly“, (Mikki Kendall@Karnythia)

“Gimme the location of your new favorite place to prey on underage girls so I can alert the cops? #AskRKelly,” (Jamie Nesbitt Golden@thewayofid)

“I thought she reminded you of your JEEP, why did it turn out she reminded you of your Power Wheel (pow pow power wheel)? #AskRKelly,” (Surely, Bassey@Basseyworld)

“Do you realize the phrase “robbing the cradle” isn’t a pick-up strategy? #AskRKelly @rkelly,” (Princess Fea@ashe_phoenix)blackpanties2

“Hey @rkelly is there such a thing as too young for you? And what would that be – 5, 6? #AskRKelly,” (Carolyn Edgar@carolynedgar)

“When you wrote 12 Play, were you teaching your boo how to count? #AskRKelly,” (Petty Cakes@Ur_N_Good_Hands)

“Do you write love letters in the form of permission slips?” #AskRkelly,” (Kneel Before OZ@letsgetfree13)

“RT @VigMusic On a scale from 1 to 10, how old is your girlfriend? #AskRKelly,” (Johnnie Johnson@j_boi3000)

“#AskRKelly is her body still callin or did her parents let her use the house phone?,” (Mr. SOMETHING Else!@the TAQEOVER)

“So, do you pay to have Chuck E. Cheese shut down just for your romantic evening? #AskRKelly,” (Kneel Before OZ@letsgetfree13)

“#AskRKelly is it true when you volunteer to play Santa at the mall so you can get lap dances?,” (tob wills@strongarm4)

“#AskRKelly on a scale of blue ivy to willow smith what’s the oldest female you would date?,” (tob wills@strongarm4)

The singer infamously dodged prosecution on 14 child pornography charges in 2008 after “allegedly” filming himself having sex and urinating on a 13-year-old girl. In 1994, he married late “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” singer Aaliyah when she was just 15-years-old; the union was ultimately annulled. Add those things to persistent rumors that his predilection for underage girls spans his entire career, and there are some people who can’t bring themselves to listen to his music. However, we are sure there are some die hard fans out there that support the star. What are your thoughts?