Rachel Foxx is a 20 year old singer from London who has already worked with the likes of Evil Needle, El Train and J-Louis. Rachels latest release is something that your ears just have to hear. It comes in the form of a free EP which is simply titled “The EP”.

“The EP” is made up of six dope tracks. The lead single “Before You” takes the number 1 spot straight after the inviting and interesting “Intro”. This intro instantly grabs your attention and leaves you unable to turn this EP off. “Before You” is a perfect lead single to introduce the dopeness of this chick that is Rachel Foxx. The beat for the track is deep, hard and dark but the soft yet on point vocals blend perfectly, creating that super interesting buzz that all artists need to pursue in this business.


The lead single is followed by “Rock With Me” which is my personal favourite from the whole EP. The lyrics in this track are cleverly put together creating a moment that most of us will automatically relate to in some shape or form. The chorus is catchy and stays in your head after just the first listen which is a must for new or up and coming artist.

The EP is spilt up with “Interlude I” which only needs one thing said about it…it is just way too short!

The final full track is “Strong” which matches the vibe and style of the EP perfectly. Yet again Rachel delivers flawless vocals with that killer, unique tone. The beat is lighter than “Before You” but with that said it still goes hard!

Finally the EP closes off with the “Outro”. The “Outro” finishes a sick EP off in the best way possible, leaving you wanting more from this chick and her crazy talent.

The 20 year old is definitely hot right now and is someone who we should be paying very very close attention too. The singer has a classic old school RnB style with a current twist about her. Her vocal range and tone is insane! Not only are they insane but they are unique too, that kind of tone that when you hear it you know right away that it’s Rachel Foxx. There is not much info out about the London singer yet but we are sure there will be soon. However the unknown just makes this fresh new artist even more interesting.

Grab your copy of “The EP” for free here – http://soundcloud.com/rachelfoxx. We have our copy on repeat!

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Words by Joe Waller
Twitter – @JoeWa113r