Elevate your daily wardrobe with the dazzling collaboration that merges comfort and brilliance, celebrating individuality in every crystalized detail.

Embarking on a dynamic fusion of brilliance and comfort, the collaboration between Swarovski and SKIMS has unveiled a mesmerizing assortment of body jewellery, ready-to-wear ensembles, and intimate apparel. Today marks the debut of a collection that transforms undergarments into crystalline masterpieces, introduces size-inclusive jewellery, and presents radiant dresses crafted to infuse a touch of glamour into the fabric of daily wardrobes.

Kim Kardashian Swarovski x SKIMS

Fronted by the iconic Kim Kardashian and a cadre of models, the campaign captures the essence of the collection through the lens of photographer Mert Alas. This collaborative venture is an ode to adorning the body and revelling in its beauty, with the exquisite pieces available for purchase on, Swarovski outlets, and select luxury retailers worldwide.

Kim Kardashian, co-founder, and creative director of SKIMS, unveiled her vision for this partnership, emphasizing the aspiration to inject glamour into the everyday ritual of dressing. Kardashian expressed, “The pieces are incredibly dreamy, and we delighted in incorporating the iconic crystal cuts into my favourite SKIMS pieces.”

Giovanna Engelbert, the creative director at Swarovski, conveyed her excitement about the collaboration, remarking, “It has been a dream since I joined Swarovski to forge this groundbreaking collaboration with SKIMS, advancing the art of self-expression.”

For Engelbert, the collection serves as a tribute to the body, an endeavour to empower women to embrace their individuality with confidence and style in their approach to life. This philosophy is encapsulated in the design of the collection, seamlessly merging Swarovski’s signature crystals with the modern, body-positive ethos of SKIMS.

The Swarovski x SKIMS line unfolds as a love letter to those who discover joy in the everyday sparkle and the opulence of comfort. Following successful campaigns such as the Cotton collection featuring Cardi B (below) and the acclaimed Best of advertisements, SKIMS continues to assert its dominance in the intimate apparel space.

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Photos via Mert Atlas

Cardi B x Skims