Rafe Finesse

Rafe Finesse explores his Southern roots in his new album ‘Progress’, which will be his second release.

Inspired by a traumatic event that left Rafe Finesse fighting for his life in hospital, ‘Progress’ was created in his home studio with the help of artist and team members Jamal Scott, LizMusik, Marquis Willaims, Bheeyou Khota Wolf and Levi. Taking its title from Rafe’s philosophy of pushing for continuous progression, ‘Progress’ explores what we’ve come from and what we’re aiming for!

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Georgia born Rafe Finesse has been sharing his music across the States living a nomadic lifestyle for the past few years. His life journey so far has been an interesting, variety of adventures which influence his lyrics and style! He has set himself a mission to counteract the suffering in the world with the joys of music, something he has already started with the creation of his own record label BeYouEntertainment.

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