Raleigh Ritchie announces the brand new track ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy’ from the upcoming  debut album of the same title, which is due for release 26th February 2016.

The singer and actor may have seemed quiet of late but with a packed summer,  as well as performing with the likes of Run DMC, supporting George Ezra and gracing fans with his presence at multiple festivals and shows, he had to get back into the studio at some point. The latest track ‘A Man Now, Boy,’ is another magnetic one that holds your focus and hypnotises the mind. A rite of passage, the track trickles through a comparison of still embracing all those things you loved as a child, and all the memories that made you into the person you are. Raleigh mentions watching ‘Jurassic Park,’ munching on Mars Bars, acting out his fantasies as an astronaut and feeling sad when stepping on snails. ‘A Man Now, Boy’ also divulges all the so called adult activities and changes that occur, with the chorus echoing from ear to ear, pep talk like, signalling adolescence to adulthood.. something we thought we wanted as teeneagers but  as the twenties approached we grossly realised we were completely wrong to want to grown up too soon.  Gone are the days of watching cartoons, instead the significant change of status in society; wearing suits, drinking beer instead of a Panda Pops, and paying those things known as bills.
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Mixing orchestral tones with rhthym and blues,  adding emotive yet witty lyrics, Raleigh Ritchie’s wordmanship is something that will be relatable to a generation of aging children. His responsive  words  will evoke and draw on your own memories of growing up and becoming independent.

The album is available to pre order now and  will include already released hits including ‘Stronger Than Ever’ and ‘Bloodsport.’ but will also reveal a host of other well penned tracks, as well as a collaboration with MOBO Grime winner Stormzy. So with the release of the album in February, you’ll no doubt be wondering when you can see the triple threat (he writes, sings and has acted in the legendary phenomenon television series ‘Game of Thrones.’) Raleigh Ritchie will be performing across three cities in April-  The 02 Academy Bristol, 02 Shepherds Bush Empire and Manchester Club Academy, check his website for more info.
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