Ray-Ban sunglasses are almost too iconic for their own good; frames like the Wayfarer and the Aviator have made Ray-Ban sunglasses one of the biggest-selling accessories of all time. They’ve invaded pop culture on every level, appeared in thousands of on-screen adventures, held their own against the competition. The best part of all this? They’ve done all this without spending a dime on appearing in films and TV shows. Ray-Ban sunglasses have, and always will, do their own talking.


Ray-Ban sunglasses have a voice of their own; it screams to be noticed, to be independent. That’s why Ray-Ban launch thousands upon thousands of different designs and variations, so that each wearer can be as individual as they wish.


Take the Aviator for example; it’s the most famous of the Ray-Ban sunglasses range, invented in 1937 to help pilots cope with high-altitude glare. Nearly 80 years on it’s graced the faces of Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, Chris Hemsworth, Rod Stewart, J-Lo, Diane Kruger, Bradley Cooper, Ben Stiller, and hundreds more. It’s the iconic frame with a huge following, but each wearer makes it individual in its own way. It’s the ultimate accessory!


So how has the Aviator kept us coming back for more? We think it’s the effortlessly cool teardrop shape, the lightness of the frames and the sheer protection value of the lenses themselves. A lot of people are blown away by the sense of intrigue that comes from the optional mirror coating on the lenses. This was originally used to reflect heat away from the pilot’s eyes, but now it adds a sense of mystery by reflecting what other people see back at them. It gives the wearer this air of impenetrability, and it’s a powerful psychological effect just as much as it is a useful feature.

There you have it; the Ray-Ban Aviator range is available at Shade Station, with a whole host of designs available. Take a look and see why Ray-Ban have ruled the roost of the fashion-conscious for almost 80 years!


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