The Mayweather fight was not the only big show down to take place in Vegas last weekend. Singer Ray J and rapper Fabulous were caught having their own private brawl at the Las Vegas Palm Beach Hotel on Saturday night, where the rnb singer was seen to have allegedly punched fabulous in the face.

The beef allegedly started on social networking site Twitter, where Fabulous tweeted on the performance given by Ray J to Mayweather, calling it a joke. Still fuming from the scuffle Ray J then proceeded to call into DJ Clue’s radio show venting his anger at the situation by calling the Rapper out on the fight and saying he should ‘ never set foot in LA ever again’. Also there to witness all the dramas unfold was fellow rapper 50 cent. Fabulous retaliated and called into DJ Clue’s radio show to set the record straight. The rapper denied that any  punches were thrown at the club and that the only loss to him was that he lost his shades and had to perform without them. He then tweeted ‘if you have money but your lame that doesn’t make you cool or real ..Your just lame with money.’ Things seemed to have calmed down for now on the twitter front, with Ray J tweeting an apology to his fans for the way he behaved on DJ Clue’s show.