‘Won’t you be mine?’ IVORY pleads with her love, with a voice that was sent from God. ‘BE MINE’ is a raw, heartfelt single from the Illinois singer.

Inspired by strong women who are at the forefront of RnB music, such as H.E.R. and SZA, IVORY proves that she is ready to step out and turn heads. A groove inducing track with sample flute, she’s pure and unapologetic in her profession of love. ‘BE MINE’ is a great showcase of her talent and ear for beautiful music.

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At 31 years old, IVORY wants to show her natural flair for RnB; not letting motherhood stop her, she explores and navigates the world of music with an open heart. Taking inspirations from God and her beloved teacher from elementary school, IVORY makes it her goal to stay pure and sincere to her listeners. She motivates herself; self-love and pride, along with devotion to God, makes IVORY who she is.