On Thursday the 16th of February I took part in a unique dance master class with leading street dance company, Street Dance UK. The dance class was set up around the release of DreamWorks’s film Real Steel. The film looks at world where robots have taken over the boxing ring and stars Hugh Jackman. In the film one of its key characters is Atom, a boxing robot, who does a special dance before each match.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a style of dance that I wasn’t familiar with, the moves were nothing like your typical ‘drop it like its hot in the club’ dance moves. I was tensing and moving like a robot, far from easy I must say. I guess you could call it dance language. The whole experience was so much fun and a great laugh, I might just use my new found moves the next time I’m out on the town.
Real Steel is available to own on Blu-ray ™ and DVD now!


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