Vamos Cuba sadler's well

Vamos Cuba! is a follow up to Nilda Guerra’s popular hit Havana Rakatan. Colourful, youthful and vibrant. Vamos Cuba at the Sadler’s Wells is a visual array of dance, set in Havana Airport.

The show runs from Tuesday 26th July through to Sunday 21 August and is a perfect accompaniment to an even out with the fantastic summer weather we are having at the moment.

Here’s 8 Reasons to go see Vamos Cuba at Sadler’s Wells

1. The Dance Moves.

Vamos Cuba remixes salsa with reggeaton, rumba with cha-cha-cha and then sprinkles some mambo on top for good measure. Set in Havana airport, its showcases the hopes, dreams and stories of different characters through music and dancing. Don’t get me wrong, Vamos Cuba is not the best story line you will ever see, but who cares? This show is about dance, its about music and movement and you will be entertained. Look out for the opening scene with Yoanis Pelaez, he does something with his shoulders that will blow your mind.

2. The colourful outfits.

The outfits in the show are very colourful, it feels like summer in Cuba. The women in the show are gorgeous, the men in the show are fantastic. Throughout all the 19 acts you will see a colourful array of outfits, that will make you wish you was at a summer carnival in Cuba. Men rocking shiny suits while doing moves that you can only dream of attempting. Women is mini dresses and still managing to salsa without any scandal. The spectacular Cabaret outfits our full or sparkles and glitter. This is Vamos Cuba!

You have to wear movement like your dress. You have to pick it up and put it on, Nild Guerra, director of choreography of Vamos Cuba!

3. The Dance Moves.

I simply had to write this one twice. This show is all about dance. If you’re someone that doesn’t appreciate dance, doesn’t appreciate salsa or that miserable person that doesn’t know how to have fun at a party, then this show is not for you. Vamos Cuba will make you wish you took those salsa lessons while on holiday in a hotel resort seriously. You simply can’t help but to watch and stare in awe of the fluid and sexy dance moves. Although the women are seductive and sexy in some of their dance moves, it’s the male dancers that will surprise you most. I have never seen a man do some of the dance moves I saw at Vamos Cuba.

4. Its perfect for date night.

Even if you are a seasoned conversationalist, dinner dates can sometimes be tedious. scrap that dinner and book yourself a ticket to Vamos Cuba. If you are really smart and want to get a bit interactive with your date, then simply book your ticket on one of the these that the team behind Vamos Cuba hosts the pre or after show salsa lesson. You and your date will learn a few moves along with the rest of the attendees and must of all its fun and we like fun don’t we?

5. The salsa lessons.

As mentioned above Vamos Cuba hosts a pre or after show (depending on the ticket you buy) free salsa lesson. The lesson run for roughly half and hour and its a great way to get involved and lose the cool. Whether you’ve got 2 left feet or have never, ever, danced to salsa, the teachers will give you some simply steps that will help you to blag your way onto a dance-floor. This is not one-to-one tuition, so you will not become a salsa whizz after this lesson, however it’s a great way to warm yourself up for the show. It’s fun, its silly, its laughable and that’s what make its great.

6. It’s seductive

Some critics say that Vamos Cuba is not sexy at all. I’m not sure what show they where watching as Vamos Cuba is very sexy. I like that fact that it has sex appeal without being scandalous. You can take your mum and dad to the show without feeling uncomfortable. You can bring your friends or family, or as mentioned above, you can visit the show on date night. The outfits have just the right amount of sexy appeal to keep you gaging for more throughout the show.

7. The singers

During the show, you’ll be graced with the presence of 2 singers by the name of Maikel Ante and Geidy Chapman. Both with brilliant voices, the singers add another element to the show that you probably wouldn’t have expected. Geidy is a big presence on stage, and has the vocal range to match. Look out for her unexpected dances moves and songs when the show hits the ‘back to reality’ era with the aggressive rhythm of modern Havana.

8. The inspiration.

After seeing this show, you can’t help but to want to learn salsa, just imagine what it would be like, being the queen or king of the dance-floor…? Go to the show, be inspired, enjoy the music, drool over the dancers, imagine yourself dancing to salsa and simply have a wonderful evening at Vamos Cuba!


Vamos Cuba is lighthearted fun and not to be taken too seriously. If you’re looking for a fun evening out, with vibrant colours, music and great Cuban dance moves then you will enjoy Vamos Cuba.

Vamos Cuba

Sadler’s Wells – Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

26 Jul – 21 Aug 2016

Ticket office: 020 7863 8000