RegalRose is a  brand who design quirky  fashion jewellery pieces. The gorgeous twin sisters Rebecca and Louisa talk to Flavour about the brand.

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you sum up RegalRose’s style?
Bohemian meets elegant meets a bit of Rock!

How did you start off in the industry?
At the age of 14 we both (twins) were introduced to the world of fashion as models and soon appeared in the pages of our favourite magazines such as Elle girl, More Magazine and Shout Magazine! We then left school and studied graphic design for 3 years at college (together) were we did a few weeks work experience at More Magazine, Endeavor House where we got to mingle with all the other magazine studios too. We then went on to study a Graphic design and Illustration Degree at Hertfordshire University (together). We finally went our separate ways into the ‘working ‘environment in graphic design and learnt a lot of valuable skills. We quickly decided working for someone was not our thing and RegalRose was born.

Regal Rose is an interesting name for your brand where did that come from?
Both words Regal and Rose are a reference to our roots – British. We thought the words worked really well together and rolled off the tongue easily making it both easy to remember and British inspired like our jewellery.

Your pieces are very individual, where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration comes from everything and everyone around us. We are both avid people watchers and are hugely influenced by London street ware and the randomness of nature.

Your jewellery line is getting very popular, what would you say your peak point has been in your career so far?
With regards to the popularity of our designs – each time we release a new collection, both the feedback and sales get better each time. It is amazing. I think we have established a strong following and customer base that really ‘gets’ our style and designs, making the brand even stronger with each collection released.

With regards to our career – there have been many peaks including seeing our designs featured regularly in magazines like Instyle and Cosmopolitan. Also having a few celebrities snapped with our designs on has been hugely exciting. Each step of this journey has its ups and downs but generally the peaks tend to come when we take a leap into making the business bigger and better like moving into a new studio, launching a new collection or completing an exhausting week at the clothes Show live.

Have you had any celebrities buy/wear any of your Jewellery?
Yes, Eliza Doolittle, Tess Daly, Fearne Cotton, Pixie Lott, Dionne Bromfield and Misha B, Kimberley Wyatt and Etta Bond.

What would you say is the worst and the best part about working in the fashion industry?
The best part is getting to meet minds alike that work in the fashion industry. When you meet someone who has the same goals and dreams it is really exhilarating. And of course, going to a few parties here and there!

We would say the worst thing about working in the fashion industry is the extremely fast changing trends. We don’t do trends as such, we do street culture. It is important to us to keep original and not follow the trends too much as it becomes tiresome and boring. We like to stand out and be different. We like to work hard to produce a collection that will have a timeless look. It is more important to us to BE the trend, than to follow it and change it too regularly!

Have you got any advice for young and budding designers?
Stick with it! Find your niche, target and focus on your plans. It’s not easy; a lot of hard work and a natural entrepreneurial enthusiasm will get you there.

What are the future plans for Regal Rose?
That would be telling…watch this space.

Check out RegalRose and what they’ve been up to on their website and social networking sites:




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