REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress

Introducing the Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress, the mattress that has six layers of engineered and universal comfort to enhance sleep and recovery.

Did someone say enhance sleep? Anything to get a better night’s sleep is a good thing, right? Anything that promotes recovery is a good thing, right? Maybe Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress is the mattress we’ve have been waiting for?

Here are 5 reasons we love this 

1. It won’t heat you up

The Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress is a memory foam mattress that won’t heat you up, this means no more late night sweats, no more tossing and turning when your body starts to heat up during the night or when your body gets hot during err other scenarios… How? Well, it’s infused with cool gel and combined with pocket springs.

Rem Fit Pocket Springs

2. Anti-slip Surface

The REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress features an anti-slip surface and is designed to sleep on all base types. So whether you have a slatted frame like us, divan base, platform top base or even an adjustable bed, your REM-Fit will stay in place on your bed and err other scenarios…

3. It springs back to life

Loaded with one thousand 14cm high pocket springs, the REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress provides a tailored sleeping experience as each spring works independently of each other, providing excellent support for your upper and lower back. This also means that if your partner or anyone else sleeping in the bed with you, decide to get up for a late night snack, you can rest assured, as you won’t be disturbed by their movement. I bet you can also guess what quick recovery springs are also good for?

4. Size matters…

Starting from a 3ft Single, the REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress is available in five sizes. 4ft Small Double, 4ft6 Double, 5ft Kingsize and the mighty 6ft Super King (for those that like it BIG) so whatever your bedroom needs, the REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress has you covered.

5. 100-Night Sleep Trial, Free Return Collection

Yes, you did read it correctly the first time. The REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress comes with 100-Night Sleep Trial, Free Return Collection. Take it for 100-nights and do as you please, whatever that might be… Bring your bed to life with the new REM-Fit sleep 400 mattress and any mattresses returned under the 100-night trial are collected by the British Heart Foundation – for FREE.

rem fit sleep mattress

You can buy the mattress and sleep tracker today from the REM-Fit website

When you get your Rem-Fit delivered to your home, the mattress comes conveniently wrapped which saves a lot of space and time.

All wrapped up, the Rem-Fit Sleep 400 (double mattress)
All-wrapped-up. Our Rem-Fit Sleep 400 (double mattress) arrived, conveniently wrapped, making it some much easier to move around until opening.
Rem-Fit Sleep 400 unwrapped
Unwrapping the Rem-Fit Sleep 400 was like unwrapping a Christmas gift. I laid it out and waited a few moments for it to fluff up.

The Rem-Fit Sleep 400 doesn’t feel like your average mattress, it feels soft to the touch almost cotton wool like if you know what I mean and that’s not even the best bit. It’s very, very, very relaxing and surprisingly gentle yet firm. I didn’t even have a chance to get the mattress onto the bed before the Motley Crew below started to enjoy it.

That moment when the little says… ‘This is just like a trampoline’…

If you want to know more about the Rem-Fit Sleep 400 or to it now, simply scurry on over to the REM-Fit website