Nine years ago today, the R&B world lost one of its brightest stars. American singer-actress Aaliyah was tragically killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas at the age of 22. The small Cessna plane crashed a few minutes after take off, killing everyone on board. Aaliyah had been filming a video for her latest release, “Rock the Boat,” on the island.


She was a child prodigy at the age of 12, signed with Jive and Blackground Records, with the world famous R.Kelly as her mentor.

After vicious rumours of an alleged illegal marriage between Aaliyah and R.Kelly, she moved on to bigger and better, working with record producers Timbaland and Missy Elliot.

In 2000, Aaliyah proved her multi-talent, starring in her first major film, Romeo Must Die, along with contributing to the film’s soundtrack with her hit single Try Again.

In 2001 after producing her third and final album, Aaliyah at the tender age of 22, along with eight others, was killed in an aeroplane crash in the Bahamas after filming the music video for the single Rock the Boat. Since her death, Aaliyah’s music has achieved incredible commercial success.

With album sales estimated to be between 24 to 32 million copies worldwide, Aaliyah has been credited for helping redefine R&B and hiphop.

‘Aaliyah’ meaning “exalted” and “eternal” in it’s Arabic origin, she shall remain eternal in our hearts.



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