Kouzu Restaurant serves up some top-notch Japanese food. Where do I even begin? Well first things first it’s situated in Belgravia in a beautiful Grade 2 listed building, let me tell you this venue sure brings a touch of class to the table.

The waitress who served us was every so helpful in helping me decide what to order and recommended me some of her favourite dishes. For my starter I had the delicious yellow tail with truffle dressing, such delicate and unusual flavours, I could eat this everyday.

Kouzu yellowtail

I also sampled the foie-gras and spinach with teriyaki wasabi. Oh yeah this was the one! They fried the Foie-gras and then covered it in a fruity sweet sauce, with delicious spinach that was perfectly cooked not soggy at all. I have never had fried foie-gras this was an experience in itself, a delicious experience.

kouzu foie gras

Next up we had a round of what is commonly called Sushi. Now I am no expert in fact I have only just started eating sushi over the last few months, there are so many different types and I don’t know the difference’s are. I had Tuna and O-toro, very tasty indeed. The thing I liked most, out of this round was the Prawn tempura rolls. This was warm in the middle with the soft rice on the outside mixed in with the crunch or tempura.

Kouzu sushimi Kouzu prawn rolls

Next up was the Lamb and spicy Miso paste. Yum! This was very flavoursome. Tender chops with the delicious Miso paste, with a selection of veg. I also tried the most tender beef fillet steak which had a rather creamiest mash along side it……. Hold it!!! Beef with mash?? Foie-gras??? At this point I was a bit confused, I thought this was Japanese? I asked the waitress turns out it’s actually a Japanese and french fusion restaurant. What a great combo it totally works.

Kouzu lamb miso Kouzu beef

For dessert we had a Green Tea Tiramisu, and a chocolate and apricot pudding. Delicious! Now I don’t like tiramisu or green tea so this wasn’t really to my liking but my partner polished it off. I on the other hand really enjoyed the chocolate pud’. It wasn’t overly sweet; had some sort of biscuity base and was beautifully presented. I would give this a try if you are a chocolate lover.

kouzu green tea tiramisu kouzu chocolate pudding

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