The first time I went to Busaba Eathai I had to queue for 30mins on Shaftsbury Avenue. Since then branches have sprung up all over Central London and queuing on the street is no longer necessary.  The menu has barley changed since my first visit but I suppose it follows the philosophy of  if it ain’t broke!


We were planning to meet at the Floral St. branch but I mistakenly went to Panton St. which I didn’t know existed and had to walk a tube stop over to Covent Garden.  Inside both branches looked almost identical, It’s not always a chain creates a warm ambiance, dark wood, soft candles, floating gerbras and incense make Busaba a tranquil rest-bite after a busy mornings shopping.

My friend had never eaten here so I had to recommend the calamari (£6.50) which is always a firm favorite, I tried the chicken wings wrapped in Pandan leaves (£4.90) which were juicy and nicely taken off the bone.  I wanted to try something I hadn’t had before so the friendly waitress suggested the chilli prawns (£9.50) with coconut rice (£3.50) which might just become a new favorite of mine, it was fragrant and just spicy enough. My companion had steak so even if you’re not usually a fan of if Thai food there is something to be found that suits most pallets.


Calamari and Chicken wings

There are branches all over central London and recently opened in Westfield Stratford and Kings Rd in Chelsea. you can visit their website