With the announcement of UKG Gold’s LIVE London show on the 21st February 2015, we decided to speak to So Solid’s Mega Man, Buskin and Maxwell D, to find out what we can expect from the show which features So Solid Crew, Heartless Crew and Pay As You Go all on one stage at the Indigo2.

There’s no doubt that UK Garage has stood the test of time in the mainstream market, and looking back, it seems like crews and MCs were the first to break through in a big way.

Now, the UK’s 3 mightiest crews join forces for the first time to remind you of the days when garage music began its journey to mainstream cross-overappeal. All 3 achieved major success with singles that reached No. 1, top 10 and top 20 in the charts.

So Solid crew with their rap influences in garage; Heartless Crew with their dancehall influences in garage; Pay As You Go crew with their Grime influences in garage. 3 the hard way, back-to-back, all the hype, all the hits all in one night at the Indigo2 #UKGGOLD

Tickets are on sale NOW

Sat 21-Feb-2015
London Indigo at The O2
Doors 7pm

Pretty Little Thing Sale