I visited Bubbleology for the first time last week and I had the opportunity to try their drinks. Bubbleology is unique and fun where customers can create their own tea.

You can mix flavours up, starting from choosing a milk tea or fruit tea and then by customising your tea with bubbleology’s special flavoured jelly, popping boba and extra tapioca for an additional price of course (only 50p). Bubbleology also have very awesome specials such as Strawberries and Cream, Banoffe Pie, Rose Milk, Acai Berry, Pomegranate and many more delicious specials.

Bubbleology Pyramid sample grade 01[1]

I couldn’t decide what to get from the menu so I had to ask the staff for help, they obviously recommended the ‘Strawberry and Cream’ Special with Flavoured Jelly and Strawberry Popping Boba (it also had whipped cream and a strawberry on top YUM!). It was honestly the nicest drink I’ve had in a while! It was presented nicely and it had a wide range of different tastes from the vanilla milk tea to the strawberry popping boba’s.

The milk teas are less sweet than fruit teas so if you aren’t into super sweet drinks then the milk teas is the one for you. The milk teas range from Vanilla flavour to Mocha or from Honeydew to Jasmine. Doesn’t the sound of these milk teas just give you heart eyes? It does for me! Fruit teas also sound awesome! From Mango to Kiwi and from White Peach to Kumquat. Over at the Flavourmag team we love the sound of these… Don’t you?

Bubbleology sample 01[1]

Prices for bubbleology range from £3.45 for a regular size to £3.75 for a large but prices may variety due to extra popping boba and tapioca.

Don’t knock Bubbleology until you try it because you’ll love it just as much as we do!

Visit www.bubbleology.co.uk NOW