Review - Fancy Crab

Situated in Wigmore Street, just behind the world famous Selfridges, Fancy Crab brings the Arctic Ocean, Red King Crab the world’s biggest and most famous crab to central London.

Fancy Crab London

The Red king crab is only found in cold and deep waters and unlike other seafood (shrimps and lobsters), it is impossible to keep the red king crab in an artificial environment.

From September until December, the Northwest Fishing Consortium ships travel to the Arctic Ocean and spend three months in these extreme conditions to seek the unforgiving lair of the Red King Crab. Once the crabs have been caught, they are vetted by gender and size and are boiled in salt water on the ship. Finally, the crabs are frozen and brought directly to the restaurant. Interesting fact: Not all crabs go through the Northwest Fishing Consortium ‘face control’ like our seafood. All crab served at Fancy Crab has a blue label and are only male adults. This is to not effect procreation.

Fancy Crab is one of the only restaurants in London to offer the Red King Crab, and this rare delicacy usually known to break the bank is served at a humble price. The venue has a low-level luxury feel with ambient lighting, making it a perfect spot for date-nights, as well as nights out with friends and the large tables and booths also make this a lovely spot for a birthday dinner experience.

Feast your eyes on these delightful bites!


The Fancy Crab serves whole Red King Crab, or you can have various parts grilled or served on crushed ice, and in addition to the crab dishes, you can also find a selection of delicious fish, excellent steak, chicken, and even vegetarian options.

Order a tray of oysters on ice. Fancy Crab serves three different types of oysters Jersey Rocks, Morecambe Bay and Dungarvan. If you have a low gag reflex, opt for the Jersey Rocks as they are smaller in size and easier to swallow.

For starters, you can opt for the oysters, Seared Scallops garnished with Celeriac Puree and smoked Pancetta or grilled Tiger Prawns with a tamarind glaze, honey and Asian spices.

For mains, you’ve got to try the Whole King Crab or King Crab Legs & Claws. We had our King Crab grilled and it was delicious. The King Crab is not a crabby as you’d expect, and its texture is closer to that of a lobster. If you’re the type of person who prefers their seafood cooked in a sauce as opposed to grilled, you can opt for the Singapore Chili Crab which is a sweet and spicy dish of King Crab meat cooked with chilli, garlic, lime and Spring onions. Add to a selection of sides from truffled fries to buttered spinach and you’ll be feasting a like a seafood king.


The Fancy Crab boasts an extensive list of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails. We strongly advise trying their signature cocktails such as the ‘White is the New Red’ a crabtastic take on the timeless cosmo cocktail. Lipsmackingly sweet-and-sour, the cocktail of Vodka, Eldeower Liquor and Grape Juice, ONE OF THE BEST cocktails we have tasted this year and the Burning Passion will set you on fire with their fancy interpretation of a classic Manhattan cocktail that features Brandy and Passion fruit.


Verdict: The Fancy Crab offers an afforable low-level luxury dinning experience, with great customer service and exceedingly tasty dishes with something for everyone. Add to this, amazing cocktails and 100% instagrammable food, this is great place to spend an evening with friends or a date.

Along with lunch and dinner, Fancy Crab hosts a bottomless brunch every Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm-5pm, for just £15 per person. For those who would like 90 minutes of unlimited bubbles, can do so for an additional £15.

Fancy Crab, 92 Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London, W1
T: 02030969484 W: