Last week our two reviewers went into the city after school to have an early peek at the new Fifa 14 ahead of it’s launch next month.


Kai Beck  – 5 Stars

5 out of 5. That is the first thing I said when I played the new EA sports FIFA 14, it felt like I was out there on football pitch, with new holding up the ball letting your team keep the ball while the other comes forward. For the first time its not about having Wallcott running down the wing, you actually need to have someone have good touch and skill. FIFA are getting closer and closer to perfection, it is just a matter of time till you are actually playing on the football pitch.
Levi Foster  –  5 Stars
Fifa 14 is an epic game and in my opinion the best EA have ever made. There are many differences from Fifa 13, its like a whole new game. In Fifa 14 many things have improved such as ball physics, attacking and defensive intelligence and the way the players move around the pitch. It is the most realistic Fifa ever due to some qualities such as aiming every pass and every shot carefully and also you have to choose the right time to apply skills to your run.  I think these are great improvements because now it makes you feel like your actually playing the match and also some buttons have changed as well.

Here is a list of them:
New Attacking Controls:
Protect the ball – Hold down the left trigger and use the left sticks.
Skill Moves – You no longer use LT/L2 modifier to perform skills, you just the right thumb stick.
Knock on first touch – RT/R2 + Right thumb stick in any direction.
New Defensive Controls:
Pull And Hold – Hold B/ Circle when chasing an opponent to pull and hold.
These controls work great with everyone but they are also really effective with certain people such as Javier Martinez, David Luiz,  Zlatan Ibrahimovic and etc.
I like all the ball physics.
The attacking and defensive intelligence.
Protect the ball mechanism.
The skill moves new controls.


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