It’s a fact that entering into a relationship is a problem for your waistline. All the romantic dinners, wine, chocolates and other indulgences that go along with be being part of a couple cause us to gain upto two stone!

In a bid to address this I wanted to find some fun and calorie burning activities you can try with you other half.

We headed to the Snow Center in Hemel Hempstead, (not as far outside of London as it sounds) to try indoor skiing. Neither of us had ever been skiing, so we booked a private lesson with one of the centers instructors. On arrival we got kitted out in some quite unflattering ski suits, helmets and boots and were greeted by our instructor William.

William was incredibly enthusiastic and chirpy and made us feel totally at ease as we entered the slopes. After showing us the basics he took us half way up the learner slope to give it a whirl. There were about three other instructors on the slope, so not too busy but it was mid week, early afternoon, so I’m guessing a quiet time.

In our hour lesson we learnt how to travel down the slop slowly, how to turn and do little jumps. It was incredibly fun, learning something new, being active and falling down in the snow, was 100 times better than the usual dinner date. I’ll admit to being a bit rubbish and screamed a fair few times as I came down the slop but it’s nice to have your partner encourage and support you.

After our lesson we retired to the ski lodge which overlooks the slopes for a late lunch and because you are outside london offers very good prices. You will be starving at this point, I’d recommend the jalapeño burger, which was huge and came with an abundance of sides, probably defeated the point of the weight loss side of the date but at least we broke even on the calories.

If you’d like to book a lesson at The Snow Center they start from £89 for a private lesson
You can ask for our instructor William who was an awesome teachers and lots of fun.