I spent many years refusing to eat steak, because it was just too chewy. So I played it safe with chicken, and lamb, until one day I was persuaded to try my then boyfriend’s steak, and it was great, little did I know the ins and outs of a great steak, how well its cooked, how long its been bred, what’s it been fed, there was a whole education on steak yet for me to discover!

Manhattan Grill steak

Since then I’ve treated myself to a steak every now and then, and was pleased to be invited to come and check out the range at Manhattan Grill. It’s conveniently located right by West India Quay station, which is perfect for someone like me, who usually ends up having to ask half a dozen people for directions, whenever I’m to locate a new place.

We were greeted by our lovely waiter Imran, who exceeded hospitality that you might expect even from a Posh hotel ( its part of the Marriot) and got to sample the seafood selection of starters on the menu, and particularly liked the summer crab cakes. They have a wide selection of cocktails, I’m a little fussy with my Mai Thai’s but the blend was just right, and the serving generous.

A range of steaks were on offer, Imran suggested the Steak special, which was the Wagyu, which is the crème de la crème of steaks, a Japanese cow that’s lead a very easy life, being served all sorts of treats including wine. Sounded like it was a worth a try, I went for the sweet potato fries, and onion rings, with Macaroni Cheese. And had a selection of sauces, although mostly Béarnaise, as it’s my fave.

While waiting for our main meals to arrive, we were treated to a wine tasting session. To pick out the best wine to accompany our meals. They serve a selection of very good wines from the Rothchilds estate, and are one of very few exclusive eateries in London to do so. I settled on a glass of Red, Saint Emilion, 2010. And perfectly timed as we got back to our seats, our feasts arrived.

My first time having Wagyu and hopefully not the last, it was literally melt in your mouth. And cooked to perfection. The exec chef Damian Trejo, has cooked for President Obama, and the Dalai Lama, so I had a feeling the food wouldn’t disappoint, and it really didn’t. The Macaroni cheese, was just the right texture, I have preference to the southern/ Caribbean style, as opposed to the runny, milky British version.
Sweet potato fries, well my mouth still waters thinking about them, and the onion rings, also great, not too oily, how many places tend to make them.

And after all that, I still reserved just enough space for dessert, finished with the Cheesecake with Red compote, which wasn’t too heavy, and a good balance of crunch and cream. The atmosphere was lovely, nice riverside views. And perfect for a date as not too noisy, and liked the cosy blankets on seats touch outside. Overall a top night.