This year marks the 31st anniversary since the death of the charismatic social mover and lyrically engaging and all-round iconic musician Bob Marley on May 11, 1981, aged 36.

If you don’t know much about the Rastafarian musician, you’re in luck. Earlier this year a brand new film biography called Marley was released in cinemas and is now coming to DVD and Blu-ray this summer. Created by award-winning director Kevin Macdonald (Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void), the film opens up a new generation to the singer’s life unlike anything else before.

Audiences get to experience honest opinions and first-hand experiences of friends and family, such as Bob’s wife Rita and some of his children. Presenting the star’s life in a new light, Marley shows us his unprivileged upbringing and the political riots where he lived, as well as the racial struggles he experienced – all of which helped shape a man whose passion for love and life spread across the globe, while his true identity largely remained a mystery to those who followed him. The film appeals not only to his music fans but also to a world of people who have may have struggled or fought for something they believed in.

Bob’s son Ziggy says, ‘I think what’s great about the film is though there have been a lot of things done on Bob, I think this one will give people a more emotional connection to Bob’s life as a man. Not just as a reggae legend or a mythical figure, but his life as a man, you know? The struggles he went through.’

Kevin Macdonald adds, ‘I feel that one of the reasons Bob has lived on is because he speaks to the oppressed people of the world, be they in the United States or Britain or Germany; but more than anything else, he speaks to people in the developing world who feel like they’ve been given a bum deal, who feel like they’ve been hopped over by the West or whatever. And here’s a voice telling them, “Your turn will come. You’re down now but you’re going to get up there.”’

Marley is out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on August 20

Win Marley on Blu-ray or DVD

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