Twas a dark and windy night walking through London Bridge, my destination wasn’t that much further but the chill on the wind had made my pace increase from leisurely to hurried. I looked up at the night sky and towering above me was my destination, Oblix Restaurant in the Shard in all it’s glory. The rooftop lighting up the skyline and the impressive design that always leave you wondering, just how did they manage to build that.

The lobby had a slow trickle of people walking in. Polite and nicely dress receptionists greeted me with a smile and directed me to the lifts which was in close proximity. Level 32 was my destination and it felt like I got up there in a flash without motion sickness and ear popping that you can sometimes feel in those all new super-fast lifts.

As I walked in the first thing I noticed was the ambiance and how romantically seductive the Oblix Restaurant felt. It was a far cry from the weather outside and the hostess’ all beautiful may I add, took my jacket and walked me in. London looks so different from level 32. The impressive night time view, made me want to grab my phone and take a photo, however I kept it cool and walked over to the bar for a quick drink before dinning. I chose the Ginger cocktail (Zacapa 23 Yr Old, lime, coconut beer) while a looked around the venue.

The dinning
One of the things you will notice when you dine at the Oblix is the spacious dinning tables and chairs. They haven’t tried to pack as many seats as they can fit and have instead gone for the more lounge style experience, however slightly more upright tables and chairs are available too. They also have an area for a live band to gently entertain you on the far side of the restaurant.

The Oblix menu is based on sharing, so you and your guest can both choose which ever dishes tickle your fancy while having the experience of sharing in the delights. For starters we had the Iceberg (blue cheese, pecan & pancetta), Octopus (avocado & grapefruit) and the decadent Truffle (ricotta, pancetta & maple onions) along with our favourite white wine.

Its really hard to fault any of the dishes served at Oblix, so we then moved onto our mains which was the Lobster (grilled & lemon verbena butter) along with the Lamb (cutlets, harissa & yoghurt) and for good measure we also had to try the Wagyu beef (grilled tenderloin & truffle jus) served with 2 glasses of red.

The band at that time had started playing and yes it was blissful. Delicate music, stunning views, ambient lighting and effervescent, the Oblix is the perfect place to wow someone on a first or 2nd date. Not only is this place great for date nights, it’s also a lovely place where friends can dine and feast and feel completely relaxed.

As it all came to and end, I looked at my watch and realised I had been in their for nearly 4 hours. Time seemed irrelevant while I was there, and the truth is, I could have happily stayed longer.

If you have a bucket list of restaurants you must visit, then the Oblix at the Shard should be one of them:

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.