Super quick pizza for those on the go, Pizza in fast food restaurant form hits the spot.

The first thing to note about Pizza Union in Kings Cross is its size; Think at least two medium sized restaurants in one. With huge windows looking out onto Pentonville Road letting in the light, makes the feel of the restaurant quite fresh and airy. You’ll find seating throughout the restaurant is high legged stools with bar benches. It’s quite plain to see this is designed to pack in the punters.


As soon as you walk in you make your way straight to the counter to order your food, a choice of 15 12” fire-baked Roman-style thin and crispy pizza’s on the board above the counter greets you, along with glasses of marinated olives, Chilli corn snacks and a choice of 3 dips. For a venue so big the menu is simple and the choice of Salads and desserts limited.


With no real starters to choose from we helped ourselves to the marinated olives and proceeded to make our pizza choice, which was quick and simple to make.  We decided on the Carne which consisted of Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni and onions and a Pollo pizza who’s toppings were Chicken, mixed peppers and thyme. We decided on a salad to share, with only three to choose from we opted for the Pizzeria, the ingredients of which were Rocket, Tomato, Pepperoni, Chicken, Black Olives and Parmesan.

Once we had given our order at the counter we were given a square device and told to take a seat at an available table. The device is used to let the customer know when the pizza is ready as it flashes a red light in order for you to go back to the counter and pick it up. The wait for our meal was ready in a flash, well about 10 minutes to be precise. Unfortunate for us our device failed to work so one of the very friendly and helpful staff members Luca brought our dishes to us.

The dish we gave major thumbs up too was our salad, light and full of flavour it made our taste buds tingle. Our pizzas were pretty decent, but the toppings were sparse and by the time we got half way through had gone cold pretty quickly and become bland in taste. Our saviour was the Garlic and Herb and Barbecue dips we picked up. Dipping the pizza into these dips brought the pizzas back to life.


With a simply no thrills exceptionally reasonable priced menu, Pizza Union seems just a little confused as to what it wants to be. With the feel of it being a cross between an American diner and your typical high street fast food chain it’s perfect for those wanting to grab a quick bite to eat either on your way out or your way home from a night out.

Check out the full menu over at the website Pizza Union