David (Jonny Weston) is an aspiring 17 year old inventor, after being accepted for a place at MIT he discovers his deceased father’s secret in the basement, Parts and plans to build a time machine. Bringing together his sister, his nerdy friends and eventually his major crush, they embark on a journey to build the time machine and test it out for themselves, filming their progress along the way. Jumping back and forward in time the course of their timelines changes with each little adventure they carry out, leading to the inevitable which put everyone’s life in danger.

Here we go again with yet another “Time Machine” story, these have been done to death and quite frankly nothing will ever come anywhere near close to the timeless classic of Back to The Future. If you’re going to try you at least need a strong storyline and make it fun. Unfortunately for Project Almanac the storyline was weak, so weak it was almost transparent, each scene was highly predictable and had no real substance. What is highly unbelievable is the fact this group of kids are only 17 years old, 17 and they have the knowledge to be able to read complex blueprints for a time machine and build it for themselves.

What amazes is the fact that film makers still think the hand held camera style of camerawork is a good idea, while it may have worked for films such as The Blair Witch Project, it certainly didn’t work here. The whole film subjected us to this unsteady, continuously jolting and dizzying feel which is extremely outdated, annoying and made it really hard to follow at times, I actually walked out the screening with a headache.

As for the acting, there is no real standout performances, none of the actors looked like they even tried to convince the audience, it reminds of a bunch of school kids acting out there school play, no real conviction there and you are left with no real love for any of the characters.

There was a slightly good element to this film (and I say that loosely) it had a nice amount of humour littered throughout, if you’re into that American Teenage silly humour. Just unfortunately this film never quite lives up to what it should, its main downfall is the ugly found footage camera work which pretty much puts you off from the very beginning.

We’ve done it again and in true Flavourmag form have managed to get our hands on an EXCLUSIVE clip from Project Almanac. You can’t find this clip on youtube, only Flavourmag.

The scene shows teen genius David (Jonny Weston) and his buddies Adam (Allen Evangelista), Quinn (Sam Lerner) and Christina (Ginny Gardner) discovering an actual time machine in the basement, left behind by his father. What comes next is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure… but they can always turn back time and do it again, right? Project Almanac also stars Sophia Black D’Elia (soon to be seen in Ben Hur) and the soundtrack features X Ambassadors, Atlas Genius, Dada Life and Imagine Dragons.


Project Almanac previews from February 16th and is in cinemas everywhere from February 20th.

And we’ve also gathered a range of movie stills for your viewing pleasure.