If you’re looking for a treatment that leaves you feeling refreshed and having learnt something new about yourself then try the Fifth Concept face and body treatment using Image Skincare by celebrity therapist Marie Reynolds at Four London!.

Marie ReynoldsA treatment that fuses the mind, body and soul The Fifth Concept is tailored just to you and incorporates five elements that take you on a journey to give you a better understanding of why you feel as you do and how lifestyle and diet reflects in your skin. After a facial massage and skin hydrating face mask, you are lulled into a state of total relaxation with a therapeutic hand and arm massage designed to ease tension and encourage blood flow along with a reflexology style foot massage.

Here is a breakdown of the treatment:

1. Body Analysis – Following an initial consultation about your lifestyle, personality and health issues, Marie combines her experience to determine the best relaxation techniques to help you unwind. She will also advise you on diet and skin care and helps to you understand how your feelings and emotions reflect in your skin. Marie has the ability to assess your strengths and weaknesses from observing how you hold yourself, facial expressions, skin conditions and how you move. You’ll be left surprised by her assessment.

2. Facial Treatment – Marie incorporates a facial treatment using active ingredients, synergy essential oil blends and pulverised crystal that will result in a hydrated, youthful and radiant complexion.

3. An aroma wax hand and arm massage will be part of the treatment experience, using ethically sourced soya wax that has been infused with plant extracts and essential oils.

4. Facial mask treatment – Marie swathes your feet in peppermint-infused steam towels and using a synergy treatment blend your feet will be stimulated or sedated at targeted reflex points determined by the weaknesses and strengths that were revealed during the Body Analysis. This is designed to encourage energy to flow through the meridian pathways and enhance the treatment.

5. Crystal & Bach Flower ‘Cocktail’– the treatment is brought to a close with a glass of spring water infused with Bach Flower remedies appropriate to the individual and fluorite octahedra crystal – this is an uplifting blend that cleanses and refreshes the body of toxic build up.

Marie Reynolds is the author of three books, a beauty guru and global lecturer on oriental diagnosis and facial techniques with over 25 years experience in the beauty industry so she certainly knows what she’s talking about. During the treatment she makes you feel really relaxed and is extremely friendly and easy to talk too. Her sense for your stresses and pressure points is incredible to watch. With a personalised treatment plan, no two therapies are ever the same. This treatment is the perfect pick-me-up.

Marie Reynolds is at FOUR London, 62 Conduit Street, Mayfair, W1S 2GB every Monday.

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