Jill Scott never fails to impress her fans with her effortless vocal, serenading tone and intriguing lyrics. Check out ‘The Original Jill Scott’…

This is Jill Scott’s last offering from her former record label as she has enjoyed siting comfortably high with her new record label on the Billboard 200 charts recently. Her debut album for Warner Bros Records, ‘The Light Of The Sun’, topped the charts during the summer this year. ‘The Original Jill Scott’ is like a cool Sunday afternoon, with your favourite meal and a refreshing drink. You know it well, its easy on the senses but everytime you have it (or hear it in this case) you find something new and exciting to appreciate.

The vocals are as smooth as you would expect and all thirteen tracks take you through a range of emotions effortlessly, while still maintaining that tranquil Jill Scott vibe. The first track on the LP is ‘I Don’t Know (Gotta Have You)’ which has the kind of lyrics that every woman can relate to. It’s direct and unapologetic, much like the rest of the album, and Jill’s lyrics bounce nicely along the melody. The next track is interesting in that it addresses the awkward feelings being two people when they have stopped speaking and the looks that other people don’t see. In ‘Wondering Why (You Don’t Talk To Me)’ Jill sings ‘you take a look at me sideways, like i did something wrong’ and this is so true of those glances in a relationship that can say more than a thousand words. Midway through this great collection of songs, Jill Scott throws in the classic that is ‘Lovely Day’, giving the album a homely feel but showcasing her ability to freshen up a much loved classic. Rounding off the selection is a live recording which is great not only for the music but for the passion for her craft, that Jill expresses. She has a great relationship with her audience, adoring fans and she explains how quickly her inspired melodies and lyrics can flutter in and out. She has definitely captured her musical essence within this LP, check out the full album track list:

1. I Don’t Know (Gotta Have You)
2. Wondering Why (You Don’t Talk To Me)
3. The Light (Original Mix)
4. Wake Up Baby
5. Lovely Day
6. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry
7. Love To Love
8. Running Away (Suite)
9. I’m Prettier
10. Comes To Light (Everything)
11. Holding On
12. The Light (Piano Mix)
13. And I Heard… Do You Understand [LIVE]

‘The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1’ on Hidden Beach Media and ‘The Light Of The Sun’ albums on Warner Bros Records are out now.

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Friday 02 December
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Words by Catherine Ababio