ricky dillion

I sat down with World- famous youtuber, Ricky Dillon to talk about his new book and his recent collaboration with Snoop Dogg on his new album ‘Gold’. 

Can you tell me about your book?

R- it’s basically like my life story mixed in with fun challenges within the book for the readers to do and hashtags for them to share on twitter.

giffgaff-free-simWhat inspired you to write your book?

R- I used to love quote of the day calendars, each day would have a fun new activity which gave me the idea of having fun challenges in my book. It’s something readers could do essentially everyday but then I branched out more and wanted to combine it with my memoir life story.

You have over two million subscribers on your social media, what has the reaction been from your fans?

R- it’s been great! I’m happy and surprised with everyone’s feedback. I was a little nervous at the beginning.

Will we see a follow up book?

R- I think so, it was very rewarding! Nothing too soon but I would love to have a follow up book.

Who influenced you whilst growing up?

R- my family, my parents for sure and my sister

What has been the toughest moment of your career so far?

R- I think he toughest but most exciting was moving to LA. It was a huge change and around that time my parents didn’t understand the whole youtube thing. It was very challenging.

Can you tell me about your album gold?

R- I released an album called gold earlier this year, it was very fun and took a long time but I worked very hard and I’m very proud of it. 

You recently worked with Snoop Dogg, how did that come about?

R- My producer and writer, he helped me work on the song problematic and he had the idea to get a featured rapper on it. He had some connections with Snoop Dogg’s team and it kind of just worked out.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

R- Music wise Selena Gomez, I love her and her style of music!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

R- I’m doing a short film for Halloween, that’s my next big project!

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