RiffiosoDevlin recently turned to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘Home-Grown Show’ host DJ Target and his popular network of aspiring musicians known as#TargetsNoticeBoard, to find the ultimate remix to his new, Etta Bond-assisted single. Among those to take the challenge was London-based Riffioso, whose ‘Symphony & Bass’ Remix of the track stood above all the other contenders with its powerful orchestral sound.

Having been announced as the winner, Target and Devlin spoke to Riffioso live on the air, with the rapper heaping praise on the production and providing the opportunity for future collaborations. 1Xtra has since played the ‘Symphony & Bass’ Remix on numerous occasions, and the version is set to feature on the digital release of ‘Love Cards’, more news of which will be available in the coming weeks.

You can listen to the remix of ‘Symphony & Bass’ below!