The Bajan babe, who is constantly on everyone’s lips, has ditched the blond locks and opted for a darker look.

Part long and part shaved on the side; the do is much different to her recent softer hairstyles.

The singer first revealed the look via twitter on April 2nd.

The new do was then showcased in public as she boarded the US aircraft carrier George Washington, during a promotional tour in Japan for her new movie battleship.

The controversial lady is known for her different looks, often being compared to a chameleon.

This however is not the first time Rihanna has gone for a darker shade as she had a short black hair in 2007, throughout her good girl gone bad album.

With her current new style already gaining buzz, who knows what her next look is gonna be?

Battleship is out April 11th in UK cinemas



  1. […] Oh, and just to clear things up – you know I won’t talk spoilers, so if you were expecting some Battleship facts, there are none (which will reveal something about the movie plot in any way). I even refused myself the pleasure of including here ACDC’s Thunderstruck video with images from the actual Battleship movie. However, I will say this much: if you want entertainment and you’ve had it with watching the Transformers over and over again, Battleship is your next destination! It’s a movie sustained more by its visual effects than by the theatrical plot in itself. It’s an entertaining movie, one that’ll empty your head and will keep you watching the Armageddon – like action without any other artistic claims. Which is great, every now and then! (with images from here and here) […]

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