Rihanna has finally released the video to Pour it up and it reminiscent of your classic rap video. It has booty shaking, pole dancing, twerking and more. The question is: Is all this necessary?

Dollar Bills in her underwear, nipple tassel’s and if you watch it all the way to the end you will see Rihanna grinding the floor in her red G String.

We thought the song was good enough to not warrant such a video, however its seems like everyone is going for he shock and awe tactics in their videos. We saw Miley Cyrus go naked for her video wrecking ball and we also saw her Twerking at the MTV music awards. We saw Nicky Minaj and Ciara Twerking in their music video too.

Check out this audition video for the Pour It Up video

Do you think Rihanna has gone too far or is this exactly what you expected to see? Leave your comments below



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