Following recent photos of Rihanna appearing to roll a mystery substance at the Coachella Music Festival, her father has spoken out to say that he hopes she doesn’t end up like her idol, Whitney Houston.

Ronald Fenty told The Sun: “Rihanna was obsessed with everything about Whitney … I pray she doesn’t end up like her.”

The newspaper also accounts Rihanna in a series of photos depicting the late Whitney Houston in similar circumstances.

“Both stars grew up in devout Christian communities. Whitney in New Jersey, Rihanna in Barbados and cut their musical teeth singing in their local church. Both had violent relationships with hip-hop bad boys,” The Sun writes. “But like Whitney before her, she wants to be judged as a performer rather than a role model.”

The controversy regarding the photographs, in which she is pictured cutting a substance whilst sitting on her bodyguard’s head continues to dominate the internet.

Rihanna has since tweeted about that incident declaring “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”