Cease Dinero is swiftly rising up from the noise in Miami’s exciting rap scene, bringing his knowledge and experiences from the hard life of the street and channelling that power and passion into music.

Growing up with influences such as Michael Jackson, Tupac, Trick Daddy and Zoe Pound, Cease Dinero is serious about his music, and this is evident in his first music video – the hard-hitting and explosive ‘Bout to Get Real’, which was released on the 4th of December.

Cease was born to Haitian parents who were both working very hard to make ends meet. As a result, growing up on the west side of North Miami could be a rough and dangerous life, and the name Cease Dinero was given to him by other street hustlers who watched him hustle hard and realised that he was a serious player. Instead of hustling on the streets, Cease turned this energy to his true passion of music.

In 2007, Cease decided to team up with friends at a home studio which is where he learned what it takes to put together a song. Creating catchy hooks and major verses, Cease has practiced his craft and produced a signature sound with his first release of Sum of That and now Bout To Get Real.

In 2013, Cease met one of the hardest working promoters in Miami, T Da Tastemaker. Since then Cease started breaking out of Miami and found himself opening up for major artists to the likes of Yo Gotti and Rich Homie Quan, to audiences of thousands.

With his release of ‘Bout To Get Real’, the lyrics to the track came to Cease immediately. As soon as he entered the studio and first heard the instrumental, the words “Shits Bout To Get Real’ just came out, and he punched out the song in under an hour.

Cease Dinero is an artist to watch, as his passion and power is pushed out with every word and verse. Check out the video for ‘Bout To Get Real’ and get onboard Miami’s freshest raw talent, Cease Dinero.