Following on from the success of his debut video ‘Why I Hate School But Love Education,’ Suli Breaks returns once again to address the distinctions between the values and differences between a job and career.

Suli is an up and coming spoken word poet who has already managed accomplished an celebrity fanbase, which includes legendary boxer Lennox Lewis, who has recently been tweeting his inspirational Youtube videos.

Over the last three years, Suli has captivated many with his witty, but extraordinary wordplay incorporating clever puns, sharp metaphors, and some sincere observations whilst still using his poetic ability to educate people about society and the constant issues that surrounds us all.

Like the title of his DVD, ‘Poetry is Kool,’ Suli continues to break the customs of poetry, whilst managing to build on an already promising calling.

Watch Suli’s latest video ‘American’t Dream’ above: