Whichever way you look at it, Rita Ora is evidently the newest and potentially most exciting UK female vocalist right now. Signed to Roc Nation and counting Jigga and Drake as “friends” she has in just over a year stormed tabloid and magazine pages for her exotic looks and that peroxide blond hair.

Her collabo with DJ Fresh on Hot Right Now set the scene and her follow-up single RIP written by Drake features MR Tinie Tempah and will undoubtedly be another chart topper when it is released on the 7th May but Rita still remains resolutely surprised when ever this whole getting signed to Roc Nation comes up.

“You know what getting signed to Roc Nations like one of those things where you dream just turned into reality [she is holding her hand on her heart] and it is a moment that I will never forget but also it was a time where I grew up like three years really quickly? I completely matured and I was like ‘you know what I deserve to be here!?’ She tells me when we met for an interview, she added “They flew me out and that is where I met big J [Jay Z] and it was good because it was not planned and so I missed the whole nervous thing because I just basically went in there and that was it.”

So where does I-Candy see Rita in a year’s time now that she also has the celebrity boyfriend (Rob Kardashian): she is going straight to the stars!?

Words by @atstreetlevel1

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