Neyo&JameliaRnB singer/songwriter Ne-Yo announced the U.K. arm of his Compound Entertainment management/artist development/production company at a launch party at Fifty nightclub (July 14).

Ne-Yo said: ‘I’m looking for absolute talent. I’m not looking for anyone that I have to add water too and stir, or any auto-tune superheroes I need somebody that can actually can sing, someone that can write a song that will last longer than a summer and somebody that can produce real music. We’re looking for quality!’ Continuing he says: ‘I want to spend as much time in the UK as possible and I plan to listen to everything and say ‘yay’ or ‘nay.

The first British act to come under the Compound umbrella is London-based, Geffen-signed R&B boy band FDM aka Funda*mental, who have been signed since January. Compound is co-managing the group and co-executive producing its forthcoming album. ‘I’d performed with them at a show in Norway before and I was impressed with them,’ explains Neyo about the group, which consists of Jermaine Riley, Varren Wade “Baby V and Kyle Lettman. ‘Interscope basically gave the project over to us to manager and things are going really, really well with them.’

Ne-Yo said the venture would be looking for talent across all genres, not just urban artists, and that he would be as “hands-on” as possible with the U.K. operation, details of which are still being finalized. His unhappiness with the music industry is one of the reason’s why he has decided to embark on this venture as he states: ‘I feel like music has been suffering for the last few years and Compound’s goal is to bring music back to a time when music made you feel something.’

Compound Entertainment was founded by Ne-Yo and his manager/business partner Reynell “Tango” Hay, who run the company as joint-CEOs. Ne-Yo said the U.K. arm was likely to be its only international office for the foreseeable future.

Singer Jamelia was also present at the launch and she mentioned that she will be going to Atlanta to record her next album and will not be coming back to England without it. So watch this space.

If you are interested in getting signed to Compund entertainment please visit their website or Myspace to get in touch.