She’s Back! Yes iCandy’s resident model and sexpert Carmin Conner returns with another question that has been asked of her…

Roleplaying? Do you usually take a more submissive role (student, baby sitter), or something more dominating (police officer, boss)…. or is it a neutral thing?

This is a question I will relish in answering due to the diversity of the subject. Myself, I’m a hodgepodge of dichotomies as I vary from a dominatrix, spoiled bratty princess to submissive little piggy depending on who’s involved and what mood I’m in. I have an alter ego, Princess Carmin who’s a very spoiled little toffee-nosed madam. Entirely insufferable and unattainable Princess Carmin must never be spoken to without the utmost respect. Princess Carmin surfaces usually when I’m in a bad mood with time wasters and I admit, she’s not the most pleasant of company but that’s her appeal. In reality, I’m quite an amiable character quite willing to devote time and attention to people but I confess it is a whole lot of fun getting to act the bitch. It started mainly as a social experiment while performing one of my webcam shows as I felt I was being too kind to my viewers and I didn’t feel they deserved it and they needed a good telling off. While in the persona of Princess Carmin my demeanour changes entirely, my mannerisms become more aloof, my voice is hardly heard apart from uttering the occasional husky order or to laugh at my poor minions’ poverty while casually blowing smoke to the heavens. Most importantly my appearance changes as I metamorphose into a heavily made up femme fatale, drawing inspiration from Spirit’s P’Gel. This is mainly why I love the smoking fetish scene, it symbolises the inner vamp from a bygone era of manipulative, stocking clad harlots and hop heads. It conjures up imagery of old film noirs depicting tales of blackmail, seduction and revenge. To me this is a type of method acting I can really get my teeth into.

Again, getting back to reality, I’m quite a lovely, gentle soul in my personal life and in bed I delight in getting the opportunity to be submissive. I know this doesn’t work for everyone but within my own marriage, I love the idea of the man being in control and the women serving her husband. I absolutely delight in making my man happy. I guess this is as far as roleplaying goes with me – although I wouldn’t necessarily refer to the above as solely role playing as they’re mostly lifestyle choices.

One roleplaying scenario I’ve always found interesting though is the Escort/Client scenario where a wife arrives at a hotel to meet her husband. Entering the hotel room she finds no sign of her husband except a sexy outfit placed on the bed and instructions to wait. On arrival the husband acts the client ordering his “escort” to do as he wants. I like the idea of pretending your other half is a stranger as it reminds me of the excitement you feel when you first meet someone. Similarly this could also work with the Bar Pick Up scenario, Doctor/Patient, Stripper/Client (although I was a stripper for 3 years and never really liked any of the people I danced for haha!) or photographer/model.

When it comes to more conventional roleplaying, naughty costumes and play acting etc.. I’ve never felt the urge to pop into Ann Summers to buy a nurses outfit. However frequently on modelling jobs I have been asked to dress up as various roles, such as cheerleaders, schoolgirls, nuns, secretaries etc…and to be honest I’ve never really seen the appeal. I guess I would like something more cerebral. I can see how many would get initially turned on by an outfit but I’d require something beyond that. Also, when the clichéd role playing of nurses and doctors springs to mind it makes me fairly nauseous as I was actually conceived in a hospital. My Mum was the nurse taking care of my Dad who was recuperating after a motorbike crash and they first got together while my Dad was still in traction. How romantic…..

Aaaaaaaaanyway, nauseating sponge baths aside I shall end this on a rather sweet romantic, role playing tale. While in sixth form I was good chums with a delightfully nerdy boy Sam, otherwise known as Comic Book Sam. He was Leonard from the Big Bang Theory before the show even existed. Attending a comic book convention dressed as The Green Hornet he was casually minding his own business when his gaze was sucked into the seductive charm of a petite blonde nymphet dressed as The Black Canary. An epic romance blossomed between them and it seemed that they were meant to be. I was thrilled for my dear friend until she left him for a girl. Heartbroken and discouraged, I did my best to console the lovely Comic Book Sam. Totally misunderstanding my attention he became somewhat fixated on me. He decided I was the “one” after discovering that we both loved Deep Purple. He created a comic character based on myself. Completely embarrassed I never spoke to him again. I guess this wasn’t such a sweet story after all.