Most Millionaires are rolling in it, with their wealthy money, careers and family..

Here’s an idea in 5 ways to understand why they are crazy enough to be spending their hard cash on these items!

1. Billionaire Bathroom Tissues

If you have money to burn, why not use this tissue to wipe your bum with? This 22 carat gold toilet paper provides you with a means to quickly waste a great deal of wealth.

Do you have money like this to thrown down the toilet? This sensational and indulgent carat 22 gold toilet paper roll would have to be a one off purchase for most filthy rich buyers.

2. Buy an Island


Some billionaires find the excitement of buying an island a bit of pocket change. It just seems seems fun and something that a billionaire would do when they earn and buy properties for those to live on.

3. Build the home of their dreams


Credit: StartedbyAMouse

There are quite a few people out there that choose to build their property rather than buy one and millionaires do the same. Imagine inside the home of your dreams you will be able to put in a pool, a gigantic garden, a personal helicopter or even an airport for your own private jet. Even a train sounds electric with it riding round your own stretch of land.

4. Having Staff do things for them


Credit: BarGal

The staff are generally devised to run the menu, cook, clean, do the shopping, look after the children, manage money and anything else that is given to them to do. It would be a hard task having to be responsible to do all of these for a family who are billionaires, but having a job like this means they are earning quite a lot of money. I mean I wouldn’t complain.

5. Collecting expensive items.


Some billionaires collect cars, yachts, properties, stamps or jewelry. A billionaire would be seen easily to have just one more collection. If I had a collection it would be anything to do with Butterflies as I adore them. It wouldn’t be hard to maintain them as you can collect them as having broaches or something to hang in your room.

By Lauren Bayram – please follow me on twitter @LaurenFlavour_x