The Knot tells the story of couple Alexandera (Talulah Riley) and Jeremy (Matthew McNulty) on the run up to their wedding, they hire a videograprapher to document their last days of singledom, who questions their motives for marriage, and observes a number of mishaps along the way.

On the morning after his stag night a distraught Jeremy wakes up in bed with a drag queen and a giant dildo, the first of many pranks to follow, an unusual pre wedding ‘ gift’ arrives in the shape of a certain male member preserved in a jar from a mystery sender. And Alex doesn’t quite get what she bargained for when her mother gives her something blue.

Best Man Peter (Noel Clarke) takes the lead, attempting to keep the lads in check, and shows his softer side with Jeremy and their bromance. In true best man style he delivers a heartwarming speech in which he notes Alexandera for making his boy become a better man. There’s plenty of tongue in cheek British humour along the way, with trips to A&E, jealous exes, and a number of pranks to overcome, it’s a wonder if they’ll ever make it to the church on time!

The Knot hits cinemas nationwide October 5