Do with we live in an age where romantic gestures are as scarce as dinosaurs? Do they have a place in the modern age of dating? And do they really still lock down the BIG L!

Modern dating has radically changed in this century, a generation of serial dating, casual hook ups and grey areas, thanks in part to the age of the internet and how much more accessible people of the opposite sex have become both nationwide and even worldwide! Myself included, its not exactly uncommon to find somebody who is unable to commit to what colour socks they should wear tomorrow, never mind a relationship! But ok, we all know how this shit is meant to go down, but its rare to find a man/women who can produce the goods. We may really want a knight in shining amour riding a gallant steed but what we actually get is Nigel from accounts on his moped :/

When I received my topic via email: “Romantic gestures: how they locked down love” my initial thoughts were “crap, not sure I’m qualified for this bad boy.. All I got is give him daily head, frequent amazing sex and its imperative you wrap it up with a good sense of humour” romantic huh! Whilst I don’t think you can go too far wrong with those simple rules, the big L may require something a little deeper (connection wise ha) I set about my market research by calling upon my own personal experiences (scary) both past and present and talking to guys and girls about their experiences in the hope of corroborating information to strengthen your dating game, secure that lay or even to lock down THE ONE.
A great relationship doesn’t need expensive shows of affection all the time. What matters more are sweet romantic gestures that can make your lover go “awwww” the thoughtful stuff. When trying to strengthen that deeper connection with your love or perspective interest, what matters is that you care enough to create little ways to remind them that you’re madly in love with them (without scaring the bejesus out of them with your greatest bunny boiler/sociopathic tendencies)

Do I think that you can ‘lock down’ love from romantic gestures alone? No. Love is about so much more than that, chemistry, a deep connection with another person, something special that only you two share.

Gestures don’t articulate feelings in a sense, you cannot portray how you feel for someone, how they make you feel, how you feel for them by action alone.

There needs to be some element of intellectual / mental stimulation, some meaning behind the gesture, a prerequisite feeling for said action to hold meaning in the partners mind.

Otherwise a rose is just a rose.

Between lovers. A rose is a symbol. An indicator of their love, their passion, their fragility.

Here are my top tips on this romance shiz, yes, they may not be your run of the mill flowers and chocolates (yawn) but if you have got your eyes on a person you cant live without and importantly, you want to keep them… think outside the box, be fun and refreshing. There is a lot to said for a true gent who knows how to sweep a women off her feet.

Lets help Nigel out… 15 Romantic Gestures to help you Lock Down Love:

#1 Clasp hands when you’re crossing a street or walking through a crowd. Wrap your arms around your lover when you’re standing close to each other, and don’t keep more than a feet’s distance between each other unless you have no choice! Gents, you ALWAYS walk on the outside of your girl inbetween her and the roadside.

#2 Cup her face gently when you kiss her, especially if it’s a totally everyday, run-of-the-mill-love-ya kiss, but when turning up the passion, don’t be afraid to push her against the wall, holding her arms above her head and kiss her like its the last time >swoon<

#3 Play with her hair while the two of you are watching TV. It doesn’t have to be complex, just a little light head touching/hair-messing-with will put her into a near-meditative state.

#4 Cuddle her unexpectedly while in public. Like, put your arm around her in an affectionate (without being over-the-top/stalkerish) way, and let her sort of melt into you. If she’s not used to PDA (public displays of affection, this is even more important!)

#5 Make your partner feel like they are the only person in the room when you are together. This is a huge quality to possess, if you feel that wrapped up with each other, thats something to keep hold of.

#6 Keep bedroom antics exciting, ladies- perform an erotic dance, guys buy her decadent lingerie, role play, toys, girls behave like a mischievous minx, confidence is the sexiest thing ever. Never forget the importance of letting your partner know how insaitiable they make you. Sexual chemistry can’t be faked, but complacency is a common mistake, it takes a little effort from both parties but the rewards are worth it ten fold!

#7 Surprise your partner by planning a weekend getaway or guys, take her out to a nearby favourite picnic spot late in evening. Spread a blanket on the ground and have an impromptu getaway, think champagne, strawberries and star gazing.

#8 Spend time with your partner now and then when they’re enjoying their favourite hobby, even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you much, show willing.

#9 Communicate via song, whether that be dedicating a track to our partner or sending them songs that articulate how you feel about them or things you want to say. Never underestimate the power of music to capture a moment or mood.

#10 Be creative, leave notes, say something naughty in the middle of the day and send it with a risque picture, nothing says romance like prolonged foreplay 😉

#11 When he/she’s on his/her way home from a big day at work, text them to be like “I’m ordering takeout from [insert favourite place here] and opening a bottle of wine. What would you like?”

#12 Compliment your partner in front of other people. It doesn’t just feel good for both of you, it also inspires other people

#13 Cliche but undeniably important, look into your partner’s eyes and say “I love you”

#14 Be protective over something small (cute protective, not controlling crazy protective). Like if she’s about to go out and the forecast says it miiiiight rain, insist that she takes her umbrella as she’s walking out of the house.

#15 Make a Bucket List of things that you want do together, places you want to go, things you want to see and experiences you wish to share together.

Happy Dating xx

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