Despite the lockdown and quarantine, the songs on ‘Life is a Donut’ were inspired by the open countryside of Altea, Spain where ROSE mE wrote and recorded her debut EP.

Written with the help of Edgar Espi who provided instrumentation with what they already had at the studio, ROSE mE draws influence from flamenco, country and even funk music. With the songs coming to ROSE mE whilst she was riding her horse or during her long drives, the Altea surroundings are tangible in the lyrics and instrumentation.

ROSE mE is made up of Sophie Mercier and Edgar Espi, who’s writing duo came to fruition as a result of the CoronaVirus lockdown. Created in their home studio Littlemountain Altea, the songwriting duo are hoping to use this EP release to promote their growing studio, encouraging others to find creativity in confinement.