We have decided to RELOAD one of our favourite girls, the Uber sexy Rosie Roff, this article was originally featured on January 2, 2011, see out the awesome images and feature below.

We featured here back in 2009 and since then she has gone onto model for Apple Bottom Jeans, been featured in FHM Slovenia, modelled for Dreamgirls Int. Lingerie, and has also been featured in the super sexy Actiongirls series, at present she is one of iCandy’s favourite girls and we will be following her progress throughout the year. If you want to see more of Rosie look no further, this is your one stop shop for all things Rosie Roff. Dam she is so HOT! OK we are going to stop drooling now, if you don’t believe us then see for yourself…


Age: 22

Measurements: 32DD/22/38

Location: UK

Likes: Soft top cars, frappucinos and massages.

Dislikes: Slow internet connections and roaming charges abroad.

What have you done since the last time we featured you on iCandy?
I’ve been having a good time, I’ve flown back over to LA to work for Dreamgirls International Lingerie, Actiongirls and Show Magazine. I was the cover girl for Show Magazine Black Lingerie. I worked for FHM Slovenia, that issue just came out. The pics look great.

You said you will be appearing in FHM south Africa, how did that come about?
Yeah, that issue comes out in March 2011. I shot those images in LA, it came about through the photographers connections really. FHM saw the pics and wanted them in the mag.


Whats the best and worst thing that has happened to you in 2010?
The best thing that happened to me in 2010… its hard to choose my best experience. Ive had a lot of good memories. I made some great new girlfriends through work and travel, they have to be part of the best parts of 2010. Seeing myself on a front cover was a very good moment too!

The worst was some family issues, its always hard seeing people you love upset and disrupted.

Whats your 2011 new years resolution?
To work hard and grab every opportunity. I don’t want to take anything for granted.

We are loving your new pictures and your body looks amazing, do you have a fitness routine? if yes what do you do…
Thanks! Yes, I have a personal trainer who I visit sometimes (must do more actually!), I jog and I go to the gym. I love jogging by myself with my iPod in. I find it pretty relaxing.


With a body like that are you going to start entering body fitness models competition’s? Because we would love to be your sponsor.
Well that’s a kind offer! Ill have to take you up on that. Id never really thought about fitness too much, but I did shoot some this summer, which I really enjoyed. Its definitely an avenue I could look into for the future.

You must have loads of guys crumbling at your feet, how do you avoid unwanted attention?
Its not like that! Well, its not unwanted. Women love feeling adored. I’m the same as anyone. If it ever gets too much and it starts to feel unwanted I would just leave the situation.

Are you single?
No, I have a boyfriend. He makes being in a relationship an easy thing.. hes very determined within his career and his goals. I find that a very attractive thing.


What three things does a guy have to have to be in with a chance with you?
Determinism, loyalty and good looks!

When are you going to host and iCandy party so our fans can see you?
I’d love to host a party with you guys. Let me know!

Where can we find out more about you? Do you have a twitter?
Yes, I have a twitter page. I’m actually pretty twitter addicted. So its a good place to get in touch with me, Come say hello!



And finally finish these sentences:

Men should always… have a firm handshake.

Women are like… the stock market, they are irrational and could bankrupt you! 😉

If only I could… sing!

iCandy… is a pleasure to work with!

Rosie Roff is… checking out till next time, thanks for having me!

Photography by Ryan Dwyer




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