Ruby Goe is one young, fiesty and determined artist from London. With the dust still settling from the online buzz of ‘Built This House’ (Song of the Day – Pop Justice) and under the management of Raye Cosbert (Amy Winehouse) and Trenton Harrison Lewis (Goldie), Ruby Goe is taking a step further as she releases her new single ‘Beat Breakin Boy’ featuring DJ Poet (Black Eyed Peas) on 25 October 2010. She is touring with Stanton warriors later this year and appears on 4 tracks of their new album. We caught up with Ruby and she reveals to us a few things which make her one of the most unique up and coming artists in the industry.

ruby fierce

Tell us a bit about your new track “Beat breaking Boy” and working with DJ Poet from Black Eyed Peas?
It’s my new track out in October, we’ve just shot an amazing video for it. It’s a massive track that came about when DJ Ammo and DJ poet were dj-ing for the Peas on the UK leg of their world tour. We wrote the track together one afternoon and loved the vibe so much we performed it that night at the O2 arena and then again the following night.

Is there anyone you dream to duet with?
Chesney “the one and only” Hawkes.

You have quite a powerful, deep, soulful voice – do you think it has adapted to be slightly different since “Built this House”?
Thank you. But no, I think the difference is in the vocal production, people always say how unique my vocal style is.

Who is your favourite artist at the moment? Are you into loving the grime tunes this year?
It s hard to name one – Liam Bailey, Kayne West, Nicki Minaj and a band from the US called MONA. I’m not really into grime though.

What are your plans for next year?
Much more writing and collaborations. I’m hoping to do more festivals and live dates next year too.

Plenty of young fresh talent seem to be popping out of London this year, how do you feel about the competition?
I don’t really see it as competition, It happens every year and will happen every year.  I love music and talent and being amongst incredible singers and writers from your own city is a positive thing.

Do you think the girls are being overshadowed by the boys in the urban scene?
I think it’s a common music industry trait to have success with one act then have carbon copy repeats for the next couple of years i find it hard to differentiate urban from mainstream pop but there are a few seriously strong, talented females coming out next year from the UK and have been over the last few years. These things always go full circle.

We wish you all the best for the future – is there anything you’d like to share about the industry and how you think it has worked for you?
It all starts with the music but it’s a fast changing industry which seems to be battling technology rather than embracing it. i think its suffered with the changing technology but the new artist who seem to succeed are the artists who embrace it  and think outside box and write incredible pop songs. I stay focussed on writing and stepping to the left  when creating my virals, videos, website,  and i-Phone app.  Arcade fire blew me away with their latest video The industry as it stand forces you to be more creative.



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