Well, Chris we thought that you were a big boy now? It’s unclear which one of the famous two needs to grow up though. After reports of Drake hitting out at Brown last night, this morning DJ Whoo Kid claims to have fabricated the whole story as a joke whilst being interviewed by Westwood. So Brown, is that gash on your chin a bad attempt at getting rid of that stubble or a close shave with getting beaten up by Drake?

According to Club goers, the dispute broke out following Drake’s enraged reaction to a bottle of champagne sent to his table as a means of an apology from Brown to settle the three-year dispute over claims that Rihanna cheated on him with the Young Money star.

He is said to have sent Brown an infuriated message and then he allegedly hit Chris in the face before another member of his entourage hit the singer in the mouth with a bottle, leaving him with a gash on his chin.

Following this, Chris Brown was said to have tweeted about the events but the tweets were later deleted. However the image tweeted by the singer has been shared across the internet since.

Yet, across the pond, DJ Whoo Kid chatting to Tim Westwood made suggestions about a fight in an interview for Radio 1. When asked what happened Whoo Kid said “In the chin, like in the corner. Left part,” he explained. “Man down. Simple as that.”

As an update, DJ Whoo Kid then Tweeted that he had merely been joking on the radio. Whilst a spokesperson for Drake said: “the Whoo Kid story is completely fabricated and not true.”



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