Fusing Punk, Pop and Rap, ‘Thing ‘Bout Love’ is the catchy debut single from SADGUYRAPS.

This single marks the start of an important journey for SADGUYRAPS as he forges out his own identity both musically and personally following a break-up. ‘Thing ‘Bout Love’ sees SADGUYRAPS claim his musicality and channel his experiences into a bright summery track that we can’t get out of our heads. Born out of success found online, ‘Thing ‘Bout Love’ was recorded in Palm Beach, Florida, and perfectly captures the Florida vibe.

OUT NOW – Listen Here

An online sensation, you might know SADGUYRAPS from Instagram and TikTok. Overcoming adversity by working 24/7, using social media as a tool to promote himself, SADGUYRAPS is a testament to hard work and dedication. Using his platforms to challenge stereotypes and stigmas around mental health, SADGUYRAPS lets you know you aren’t alone in the battles you face.