The last few years have been an interesting time for music.

There has been the usual auto tuning (which just won’t leave the scene) ‘punch line’ lyrics, rappers singing and a lot of people referring to women’s physiques as ‘coke bottles’. Of course, the UK music scene is doing extremely well, with many quality artists out there. However, Pop music has become more flamboyant with superficiality and cheap beats that may stick in your mind for a day, but will you remember them in 5 years?

This is why I find Mr Sam Garrett so refreshing. The singer, songwriter and guitarist from Derby is heavily supported by the Flavour Team; in fact you may have seen him perform at Miss Flavour 2011. He describes his sounds and inspirations as “like sunshine mixed with innocence; John Lennon and Bob Marley.” Dubbed by many as the new Ed Sheeran (not that the other one became old; I still love him too) this floppy haired old soul is one of the rare artists who can execute a song and leave you with chills.

Anyway, rather than me blabbing on, check out this video of the man himself above. Awesome, huh?

Click here to download his latest track The River for FREE