From Youtube to playing at the UK’s newest festival, Samantha Harvey has had quite a year.

Samantha Harvey, a singer from Ipswich, first gained fame on youtube covering songs by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Now she’s been signed by a huge record label and played at RiZe Festival for its first year.

“I started off in the industry as a covers artist on youtube to get bookings for weddings and then one day I did a Sam Smith cover and it absolutely blew up and went viral. I thought that there was a lot of demand there so I carried on doing covers, built up this massive following and independently released my own single”. 

With the release of her recent EP ‘Please’ earlier this year, Samantha has been working non-stop and is currently planning on collaborating with bigger artists in the future.

” ‘Please’ is based on love and the emotions that you go through, the highs and the lows! I wanted people to listen to it no matter what they were going through! There is a song on there for everyone. My songwriting process for this EP  was pretty similar to be honest, I just go in with people I either do or don’t know. It’s like a counselling session, you get all your issues out and decide what to write on”. 

Samantha performed on Friday at RiZe Festival in the New Music Tent.

“RiZe Festival has been such a highlight for me, I couldn’t believe how many people came and watched me. It was insane. I really don’t know how to feel but this is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. This makes me extremely excited about my tour coming up in November, I get to perform all around Ireland and The UK! It’s going to be a lot of fun”.

Sophie Bird backstage with Samantha Harvey

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