Sarah Dumont is an actress and part time model that you may remember from the movie Don John where she played Sequins alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore.

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Sarah Dumont says,

“I love to watch boxing and UFC almost as much as The Lakers.”

You can also see Sarah in this years comedy/horror movie Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse and you may also remember her from Mixology, playing it cool and Oh you pretty things!

Plus you can also see Sarah Dumont in this new movie called Acid Girls and Sarah says:

Acid Girls is filmed really cool, a little bit like Big Brother and Paranormal Activity. It’s got loads of hot girls who seem really nice but don’t invite them to stay at your house for the month because things will end quite badly for you. It gets pretty intense and pretty violent, my character shaves half of her head and I ended up sleeping on set with one of my cast mates. I don’t do the full method, especially if I play a sociopath, like I don’t go around killing people (laughs). But I slept on set and wore all of her clothes and we showered like every three or four days, maybe… my hair started to get a little bit dreaded and the eye liner was caking up it was weird but really fun.

Not at all shy in from of the camera, Sarah Dumont has been featured in Maxim, DaMan, Bello and more.

Sarah Dumont has also been announced as the lead actress in The Rise movie.

Sarah Dumont’s instagram and twitter accounts are probably the best places to keep up-to-date with all her latest news and information.


And here’s a blast from the past below